Unlike a lot of the books available that have been published regarding the topic of savings, couponing, and rebates, many of these books fall short when it comes to really giving you step by step, explanations and points of reference so that you can fully grasp the concept. I go in depth and give you the insight you need to understand the lingo, where to go to find the values, how to set up your list before you even attempt to go shopping and so much more.

It’s great that others like to post their ‘brags’, showing you stacks of goods sprawled across their table and the long receipt depicting the very low if almost non-existent out of pocket amount that they spent but that doesn’t help you fully understand how to do what they did. Then, to make matters even more frustrating, they fly through a step by step of actions using abbreviations that you have no clue about.

This book is very concise. I wanted to truly show how easy it is to save money and to take advantage of every tool available to you for saving money. I am 100% sure you are going to be delighted and find yourself able to grasp this important information.

I will begin by showing the easiest and most convenient methods. From there, I will build your knowledge base to advance you onto structuring larger savings by utilizing multiple tools and techniques for each transaction.

The beauty of buying my e-book is that You are considered part of the Stacked Savings Queen family. You will automatically get new updates to the e-book (as they occur) as well as access to our Private Group on Facebook.

I am constantly coming across new tips, great deals, new tools and new information on store policies that can help to serve you in your effort to save and even make money off of some of the purchases you will apply this information to. You absolutely need to realize the information in this book can save you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. That is money you can use for much better things, your mortgage, a vacation, your savings account, you name it.

Do not delay, I am always here to help and look forward to your feedback and questions through the group page.

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