StackedSavingsQueen.com is the place to stop and browse if you are looking to save on grocery shopping. We offer current coupons, matchups, deal alerts, information on rebates, rewards programs and Apps that help you save. Get my E-book and I will personally teach you how to become a Stacked Savings Queen just like me, many times I get my items for free and we teach you how to spot and take advantage of Money Makers, (transaction that consists of multiple layers of coupons, rewards, advertised sales and specials that result in you getting the item(s) for free + money the store or the rebate owed back to you.


I have been a musician my entire life and a music teacher for nearly two-thirds of those years. As a child, I imagine I dreamed of growing up to be a doctor or an astronaut; someone who made a huge difference in the world. But teaching was the profession that chose me in part through my middle school band director, Mr. William Dover.

I know that within those two years were the pivotal moments that defined me. A shift in understanding my life and my path. Teaching and learning are inseparably intertwined and it was in the midst of this union that I found my voice. I am a teacher and a lifelong learner who has been blessed beyond measure.

So teaching is what I do and I would like to teach you something about saving money.

~ Dee ~





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